NCYAMA Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Catholic Young Adult Ministry Association (NCYAMA) is to drive excellence and growth in the ministry to and evangelization of young adults in their late teens, twenties, and thirties, married and single, in the Catholic Church.

NCYAMA does this by developing and delivering resources for, providing ministry training of, and networking those who minister to and work with young adults in parishes, dioceses, and Catholic organizations across the country. On a national level, NCYAMA advocates for the full integration of young adults in the life of the Catholic faith community and for the expansion and professional growth of young adult ministry.

Vision of Young Adult Ministry

NCYAMA advocates for a vision of Young Adult Ministry that helps young adults bridge the gap between their adolescent experience of faith and being fully integration as adults in the Catholic Church. This vision is realized by connecting women and men in their late teens, twenties, and thirties, married and single, with God, with the Church, with the mission of the Church in the world, and with a peer community of faith.

Services and Programs Provided

At the NCYAMA Forum.In addition to its roles as a national advocate and voice for young adult ministry in the United States of America, NCYAMA drives excellence and growth in the areas of Young Adult Ministry through three major efforts:

  • Resource Analysis and Development
    NCYAMA hosts regional roundtable symposiums around the country to explore areas of need with young adult ministry experts and practitioners, and to identify concrete and specific resources needed for young adult ministry. The roundtables also promote professional networking among those working in the field in that geographic region.
  • Ministry Training
    Based on areas of identified need and the solutions developed, NCYAMA will provide training for young adult ministers and those working with young adults as part of their ministerial role in the parish, diocese, or Catholic organization. There will regular national training and leadership forums, held concurrent with other gatherings of professional ministers such as NFCYM and CCMA. In addition, NCYAMA provides ministry training and workshops to any parish, diocese, or organization on request.
  • Website PlanningResource Distribution
    NCYAMA offers young adult ministry resources in a variety of media, on the web, and in traditional publications. In particular, NCYAMA’s new, improved, and interactive website is devoted to helping dioceses, parishes, and organizations with young adult evangelization. The site will also equip those directly working in the field of Young Adult Ministry or those working with young adults as part of their professional ministerial role. NCYAMA also publishes a regular online newsletter filled with practical resources, details about professional development, and other information important to the outreach and ministry to young adults in their late teens, twenties, and thirties.