Bylaws of National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, Inc.

Article 12
Records Retention Policy

Section 12.1. Purpose.
As required by SOX, it is the policy of the Federation to suspend any regularly scheduled document destruction when claims are pending or threatened against the Federation or where the Federation is informed of a claim. When document destruction is suspended for any reason, the secretary of the Federation will notify the appropriate corporate officials and personnel about the relevant categories of documents to be retained until further notice. Once the relevant documents have been identified and segregated from destruction/deletion, the operation of the policy regarding remaining documents, including any regularly scheduled destruction, shall

Section 12.2. Procedures.
Documents and records must be retained under the certain circumstances, including, but not limited to:
(a) Where the information has been subpoenaed in a civil or criminal case, or is the subject of an information request letter from a government agency;
(b) Where the information relates to threatened or pending civil or criminal claims against the Federation of which the Federation has been made aware; or
(c) Where destruction of the information would impede, obstruct or influence the administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of the federal or state government, where such matter is pending, imminent or contemplated.