Bylaws of National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, Inc.

Article 8
Regional Relationships

Section 8.1. Division of Affiliated Dioceses.
The affiliated dioceses shall be divided into fourteen (14) regions for the purpose of assuring regional representation to the board and various teams and project teams of the Federation. These fourteen regions (14) correspond to the fourteen (14) geographic regions of the USCCB.

Section 8.2. Selection of Regional Representative to the Board.
Each region shall be entitled to select/elect one (1) designated diocesan representatives to the board. This representative shall be selected/elected by the members from the region for a four-year (4) term, renewable, but nonconsecutive, which begins on July 1 according to the bylaws (5.3).

Section 8.3. Regional Functions.
The functions and responsibilities of each region include:
(a) To convene regional membership meetings of designated diocesan, constitutive, organizational members, and associate members in a manner that best serves the region. These meetings may be regional, statewide, provincial, etc.;
(b) To determine the process and meeting procedures, including the location (virtual, online, in person), that best serve the regional needs, but in no event shall procedures be inconsistent with the articles of incorporation and these bylaws;
(c) To establish a timely process to discern, select or elect, and support:

(i) The regional representative to the board (this person may also serve as the regional coordinator);
(ii) The regional coordinator who convenes regional meetings;
(iii) Two (2) members to participate in the membership meeting to advance diversity;
(iv) One, (1) representative of the constitutive category of membership from the NCCGSCF; and
(v) One (1) representative of the associate member category of membership.

(d) To provide for a regional budget to cover approved expenses incurred within the region and those Federation expenses delineated as the region's responsibility;
(e) To engage regional members in the work, services, and support of the Federation; and
(f) To determine any other such purposes as may be necessary and consistent with the articles of incorporation and these bylaws.

Section 8.4. Regional Meetings.
There may be an annual meeting and one (1) or more regular meetings of the members of each region as needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the regions. If no such annual meeting is held in a region, the selection or election of the regional delegation may take place by mail (as defined in 3.6).

Section 8.5. Notice of Meetings.
Notice of any meeting of the members of each region shall be given to each member by such method as determined by regional process at least thirty (30) days before the day appointed for the meeting.