Diocesan Members

The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) welcomes all United States Catholic dioceses and/or eparchies (hereinafter “dioceses”) to consider applying for Diocesan Membeship.

Diocesan Membership Process

A diocese in the United States may become a member by paying the organizational dues and filling out a Membership Commitment Form. Each representative for a Diocesan Membership shall:

  • Be employed by or designated by the Bishop or his designee
  • Be in compliant with safe environment/youth protection standards of the Catholic Church in the United States and eligible to serve with young people.
  • Sign the NFCYM Code of Ethics for Youth Ministry Leaders
  • Complete a Membership Commitment Form.

Privileges and Responsibilities

Each diocese shall have one (1) vote on all matters before the membership. The vote of each diocesan member is determined through consensus among the five (5) representatives of the diocese/eparchy.  Any diocesan representatives in excess of 5 designated representatives may affiliate with NFCYM as Associate Member.

Additionally, by virtue of membership, each diocese that is a member shall have the following privileges and responsibilities: 

  • May identify up to five (5) designated representatives* ("representatives"), one of who will be considered the Primary Diocesan Contact;
  • The possibility to serve as a member of the board representing one of the fourteen (14) geographic episcopal regions;
  • To participate on, and serve as members of and leaders for the project teams, ministry networks, and other activities including the annual membership meeting;
  • To participate in the annual membership meeting and to address the membership while in general session at the annual membership meeting on all matters before the membership; and
  • To receive NFCYM mailings and discounts.

*A diocese may change their representation during the year when the need exists with the official diocesan representative sending a letter to the Executive Director.

Benefits of Membership

  • Reduced rates at conferences;
  • Regular communications from the NFCYM including information on upcoming conferences and meetings and other pertinent information;
  • Professional training, resourcing, and support;
  • Networking with peers and other youth-serving organizations;
  • Vehicle of communication with other national organizations (e.g., USCCB, NCCL, NALM);
  • Updates on national trends and concerns affecting youth;
  • Eligibility to serve as members of and leaders for committees, project teams, ministry networks, and other bodies of the membership.

Expectations of Diocesan Members

  • Agree with and advocate for the mission, vision, and values of the NFCYM within their diocese;
  • To actively participate in the work of their USCCB designated region;
  • To attend and participate at the Annual Membership Meeting, as able;
  • To share gifts and talents by actively participating in the work/tasks of the NFCYM;
  • To promote and support the programs, services, publications of the NFCYM within their diocese.

The Responsibilities of the Primary Diocesan Representative

  • Assist the (arch)bishop in designating four (4) additional members within their diocese/eparchy. These names are to be submitted annually.
  • Facilitate a consensus process for voting.
  • Ensure the payment of annual dues.

Renewal Process

The annual renewal of diocesan members will take place from June 1 to July 30:

  • By June 1, the NFCYM sends a letter to all diocesan members requesting their annual dues and statement of renewal;
  • Reminder notices are sent on June 1 and July 1, as needed.

Organizational Membership Dues Structure

The annual membership dues for each diocese shall be based on Catholic population in the diocese or eparchy as listed in the current Official Catholic Directory, multiplied by a rate established by the board from time to time.  Annual membership dues are due by July 31. There is a half price prorated option for those dioceses wishing to join after January 31. The cut-offs for eligibility for discounted rates for conferences/services i.e. NCYC is July 31 of each year.

Special Categories

The annual fee can be waived due to financial hardship, with the request submitted in writing to the executive director of the NFCYM.