Prospective Organizational Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for Organizational Membership in the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. Prior to completing this application, prospective organizational members not already familiar with the NFCYM are invited to attend the NFCYM Annual Membership Meeting in order to better familiarize themselves with the work and membership of the NFCYM and should review the information about Organizational Membership.

In an effort to offer you the fullest opportunity to communicate to the NFCYM Board of Directors the nature of your organization and its relationship with Catholic youth ministry, you are asked to complete this application questionnaire. Please respond, with as much detail as possible, to each of the questions outlined below. 

Additionally, the NFCYM will provide a contact person, through the Membership Engagement Committee representative or the NFCYM staff, to help mentor organizations through the application process, to answer questions, and ensure clear communication.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mayra F. Carpena, our Membership and Event Specialist at

Application Process/Timeline

Completed applications are accepted twice a year, April and August.

Fall/Winter: Prospective organizational members are invited to attend the Annual Membership Meeting to better familiarized themselves with the NFCYM and its membership.

April 1/August 1: Due date for the submission of applications.

April 2/August 2: Applications are forwarded to the Membership Engagement Board Committee.

February 10/August 10: Membership Engagement Board Committee recommends/does not recommend potential organizational members to the Board of Directors.

February/September: NFCYM Board of Directors recommends/does not recommend potential organizational members for membership.

March/October: Upon approval, written notification and an invoice for dues are sent to the accepted organizations.