Behavior Guidelines for the
National Catholic Youth Conference

At NCYC, delegation leaders are responsible for the actions of delegation members. Each delegation accepts full responsibility for any damage or theft caused by members of their delegation while attending the conference. All delegation members are to abide by the behavior guidelines and be an example for other participants.

  • No rows or sections may be saved for later arriving group members or used for storing coats, bags, or other personal items. A seat or two may be held for slower-moving members.

  • Do not enter blocked off sections of seat. Not every section of the stadium is meant to be occupied. Some sections are in audio dead zones which will make hearing the program difficult.

  • Do not stand on seats or sit on the shoulders of another participant.

  • Mosh pits, crowd surfing, “human chains,” and other similar activities are not permitted.

  • Only those invited by a production crew member to enter the stage may do so. This includes access ramps and staircases.

  • Frisbees, vuvuzelas, air horns, beach balls, balloons, and laser pointers are prohibited within the convention center, stadium, or any other NCYC activity site.

  • No objects or liquids may be thrown in the convention center, stadium, or any other NCYC activity site. Such behavior may result in serious injury to persons and/or property. Failure to comply with this rule could result in dismissal from the conference.

  • NCYC credentials (name badges) must be worn to enter and within the convention center, stadium, and/or any other NCYC activity sites. Persons without proper credentials will be refused entrance. There is a $10 charge to replace lost credentials.

  • No one under the age of 18 may smoke by law. Adults are forbidden from smoking inside any convention building or within 75 feet of any convention building entry.

  • Participants are expected to be on time for general sessions and to remain for the entire session. If you must step out, please keep noise and distraction to a minimum so that others are not disturbed.

  • Participants are asked to participate in scheduled activities rather than sit in hallways. There’s always something happening at NCYC. Go find what speaks to you.

  • NFCYM expects all youth participants to be in their assigned hotel rooms no later than midnight. Only the delegation leader—not individual chaperones—may alter the conference curfew and only to facilitate travel, evening prayer, or group debriefing.

  • Be aware of noise levels in hotel lobbies, hallways, and sleeping areas, especially early in the mornings and later in the evenings. This guarantees the right to privacy and quiet time for all hotel guests. Hotel security may eject guests who are disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of others.

  • Sleeping room changes may only be made with the consultation of your delegation leader, not the hotel. If a room change is warranted, then the delegation and group leaders will coordinate the change with the hotel.