NDDI 2018 Travel Form

This form should be completed after you have made and confirmed your travel plans for NDDI. You cannot return to this form after you click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.

Name *
Arrival Date to Retreat Center *
NFCYM will pay for Sunday overnight accommodations for those traveling outside the Eastern Time Zone. All others must be onsite before 1 pm on Monday, April 23. Should you wish to arrive early, the cost is $85 per night and is based upon availibility.
Arrival Mode *
List the time your plane is landing or if driving or being dropped off, the time you will arrive at the Retreat Center
List your airline and flight number for your arriving flight or if driving, leave blank
Departure Date *
Check the date you are departing from the Retreat Center. Those wishing to stay past Thursday, April 26 may do so if space is available. There will be an extra charge of $85 per night due to NFCYM.
If you are flying, list the airport and departing flight time. If you are driving or taking the train/bus, list the time you are departing the retreat center.