Strong Catholic Families Training
Costs and Fees

Diocesan Sponsored
Three Session Training

Cost is $1800 plus transportation, meals, and lodging for one national trainer. Cost includes 50 copies of parent resources, 10 copies of Leader Guide, and full licensing agreement extended to all parishes/schools in the diocese. A diocese booking both the English and Spanish trainings will receive a $300 discount on the second one.

Local Parish/School
Start-Up Events

Cost is $1,000 plus travel/lodging for one presenter and includes advance consultation and coaching, copies of published resources for leaders/team members, on-site meeting with the parish SCF team, two-hour parent session, follow-up consultation and full licensing agreement for use by the parish/school. Neighboring parishes/schools wishing to participate in the Start-Up Event in order to share costs can be added for $700 each if done within a 24 hour period.

"Take 2" Diocesan


Leader, Clergy or Parent Presentation


License Agreement

Catholic Parent Revival (CPR)

This training is only available to a diocese that has previously hosted a SCF training. Cost is $1,200 and includes a complete three session training with emphasis on preparing the diocesan implementation team.  This training is often done after a leadership change or to "kick start" the initiative after a resource revision.

Cost is $800 plus travel for (up to) a three-hour presentation to local leaders (i.e.: clergy, parish/school leaders, conference keynote or formation day) related to the Strong Catholic Families initiative. A day-long session (between 4-6 hours) are $1,200 plus travel. Parent/grandparent presentations for 90 minutes - 2 hours are provided as well for $800 plus travel. Multiple presentations to different groups can be combined for discounted price. 

Cost is $800 for full copyright permission to access either the Strong Catholic Family or Fortaleciendo Familias resources (choose either English or Spanish version). For a diocese, this usage is extended to all parishes/schools within the diocese at no additional charge. This option is only available to a diocese who has first hosted either the English or Spanish version.

Cost is approximately $3,000 for one event/$4,500 for two events within 24 hours. Cost does not include travel and lodging for two national performers/presenters. Host is responsible for one additional local presenter (clergy) and production/printing costs associated with the Revival(s). These fees/costs vary depending on presenters/performers selected and can be mediated through free will offerings, ticket sales and/or local sponsors.

Contact Michael Theisen to discuss your specific needs
E-mail: miket@nfcym.org    Phone: 202-674-4209