Standard Operating Procedures

These standard operating procedures (SOPs) are working documents. As we live into our new reality, the NFCYM Board of Directors will continue to develop pending sections and edit sections as needed. The documents are formatted for later inclusion in an organizational handbook, which is in process.

1. Introduction and Read Me First  (September 2017)

2. Governance - Board of Directors (September 2017)

3. Engagement: Alliances (September 2017)

3. Engagement: Membership (September 2017)

3. Engagement: Ministry Networks (September 2017)

4. Administration and Management (September 2017)

5. Plans and Program - Project Management (September 2017)

6. Communications Policies and SOPs (September 2017)

7. Finances and Business (September 2017)

Financial Management Directives (September 2017)

Purpose - Membership Voting (September 2017)