Q&A with Mayra F. Carpena

Q&A with Mayra F. Carpena, Membership Specialist

Where are you based? 
Nogales, Arizona, border town with Nogales, Sonora (Mexico) area known as ambos Nogales. For those not from Arizona, it is a small town 200 miles south of Phoenix, AZ.

How long have you worked for NFCYM?
Since November 1, 2018 (All Saints Day). I am honored to be serving NFCYM for more than 2 years now. Also, I mention all saints day because I have a big thing with dates (feel free to ask me about it).

Outside of work, what do you like to do?
My family and friends would say work IS what I like to do outside of work. I really enjoy any opportunity to serve, so much so that if it is not NFCYM specific. I like to volunteer whenever and wherever possible. Training lectors, setting up parish websites, social media accounts, training adult staff on using technology, photographing sacraments.

Outside of that, spending time with my family is #1. I have an extensive family, who (prior to the pandemic) we would gather once a week for Sunday lunch/dinner (all 68 of us). Since there are so many of us, we are either constantly celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or really any excuse to get together and sing, tell stories, and laugh.  

What is something about you that most folks might not know?
I am a Mexican immigrant. Born in Mexico and lived in Sonora until the age of 6. My first language is Spanish. Neither of my parents speak English, and I know 3 language, English, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL).   

I love to write and journal (or blog if I give myself time). Photography – I love capturing candid moments. I’m an avid reader – I strive to one day have a floor to sealing library in my house. Interior design – I love rearranging rooms, and especially organizing and decluttering them. I have a solo tradition on new years eve of going to Mass, and then coming home to do a full home clean-out/declutter, one of my favorite things to do.

What you do at NFCYM? 
Anything and everything that involves our members, or prospective members! Processing new applications, renewals, maintaining contact information up to date for our members, member platform troubleshooting. Helping our members connect to one another and making sure they know they have a seat at the table.

I also serve as support to: NCCGSCF (National Catholic Committee of Girl Scouts and Camp Fire), NFCYM Store (online and phone orders) and help coordinate logistics of our events, such as Holy fire registration, website set up, NCYC breakouts, contracts, and shipping.

What is the best part about your job – why do you do what you do? 
I get to know and have a deeper relationship with the Church. Selfishly this is the best part. I get to know our members on various levels and help connect members with each other. I’ve always lead my life with relationship building (4 of 5 of my top strengths are relationship building). I truly believe we can’t do anything on our own, NOTHING. At NFCYM I get to serve many people and help them connect with each other and see firsthand how the Holy Spirit is acting through them.

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