Catholic Parent Revivals (CPR)

Catholic Parent Revivials (CPR)

Catholic Parent Revivals bring national Catholic speakers and performers together in a local church or auditorium for a three hour event that motivates, inspires and moves parents and grandparents toward growing more deeply in faith as a family. Dioceses, parishes and/or schools use these evangelizing events to reach those who are seeking to revive their faith, rediscover the sacredness within their family, and receive support in their daily faith journeys. During a Catholic Parent Revival, parents are treated to an evening of inspiring speakers, moving music, deep dialogues and meaningful prayer as they inhale a breath of new life for the critical vocation of parenthood.

The experience that I had in those hours was edifying, inspirational, renewing, insightful, and grace-filled! The format, topics, pace, environment, music, tone, speakers, reflection and discussion enabled me to reflect on my actions as a parent and move forward in a way that gave me resolutions.

Bring a CPR to your area!

Costs range from approximately $3,000 for one event/$4,500 for two events plus travel and lodging for two national performers/presenters. Host is also responsible for one additional local clergy presenter and any production/printing costs associated with the Revival(s).  A few notes about costs:

  • These costs vary depending on the presenters/performers selected and can be mediated through free-will offerings, ticket sales and/or local sponsors.
  • Cost includes a license agreement for host to use the CPR resources, scripts and PowerPoint slides to replicate the process in the future locally using local talent and speakers.
  • There are many ways to structure and host this event in an area so that costs are minimized and your evangelization to parents is maximized.

More information on hosting a CPR and available speakers and performers can be found here: Outline and Logistics for Local Hosts 

Contact Michael Theisen to discuss dates, costs and speakers
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