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Multicultural Resource

Encountering Christ

Encountering Christ is a video series created as a diversity and inclusion effort of NFCYM to serve as a resource for members to encounter the diversity of the Catholic Church. Through this series you can hear from our brothers and sisters how Catholicism is lived and experienced in relation to their culture. Our video series is divided into four segments that discuss: historical context, current realities, pastoral practices, and a panel discussion accompanied by reflection questions

Multicultural Resources

We live at a time when the encounter of languages, races, generations and cultures is more intense than ever. Mass media, especially the Internet, travel, immigration, and an increasingly globalized economy are bringing people together more and more. The experience of diversity is therefore more characteristic of our times and brings with it serious challenges and great opportunities. The diversity and inclusion team hopes that the following resources are able to provide insight on different cultural families.

For more information on NFCYM’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts, contact Darius Villalobos at [email protected] or at 202-301-5166. 

*Resource is from an NFCYM member organization

Intercultural Competencies

African American Culture

Asian Pacific Islander Culture

Hispanic, Latino, Chicano Culture

Native American Culture

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