The mission of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) is to support and strengthen those who accompany young people as they encounter and follow Jesus Christ.


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Project Teams

NFCYM accomplishes its work through the collaboration of our project teams

NFCYM accomplishes its work through projects teams. Projects are authorized by a committee of the board of directors based on proposals submitted by members. All proposals must be championed (have the support) of two NFCYM members. If authorized, and depending on the project, teams can include members, contractors, vendors, staff, and other interested parties.



Based on the its mission, vision, and values, NFCYM strives to align its work under five core work functions:

  • Leadership, Modeling and Direction Setting for ministry with young people.
  • Professional and Ministerial Development including training, mentoring, formation.
  • Acompañamiento – Engagement & Encounter:  with membership, young people, bishops, etc.
  • Resource Development in support of the above.
  • Organizational Management and Stewardship of Resources, including human and financial.



A project is any distinct thing members want to produce to benefit the field of Catholic youth ministry. Current projects are:

  • 60 Second Youth Witnesses
  • Acompañamiento
  • Annual Membership Meeting
  • Associate Member Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement
  • Certification Commission
  • Christus Vivit implementation
  • Holy Fire National Program Development
  • National Catholic Youth Conference
  • National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry
  • New Diocesan Directors Institute
  • National Dialogue
  • Priest Study Days
  • Webinars en Español
  • Webinars in English
  • Youth on the Margins Resources




The Project Teams Committee of the NFCYM Board of Directors is tasked with reviewing and authorizing project proposal submissions. The committee reviews with the following in mind:

  1. Does the project proposal meet the planning criteria?
  2. Does the proposed project effectively further the mission of the NFCYM and specific goals and values of the NFCYM Strategic Plan and is sensitive to the cultural diversity of the church?
  3. Does the proposed project have a deliverable (a resource, website, seminar, program, etc.)?
  4. Is there a clear and logical plan for the development and implementation of the proposed project?
  5. Is the timeline for the proposed project clearly defined, comprehensive, and realistic?
  6. Is the Project Proposal Budget Worksheet complete, accurate, and realistic?
  7. Is the project championed by at least two NFCYM members?

The proposal process is a dialogue. The proposal form begins that conversation. Approval may take place in stages depending on the need for refinement and the complexity of the proposed project.



All proposed projects should strive to meet the following criteria:

Evangelizing Criteria

  • Project is developed and rooted in prayer and a sacramental understanding of the call to holiness.
  • Project reflects the evangelizing and catechetical mission of the Church.
  • Project is aligned with the ministry and teachings of the Church concerning young people.


Strategic Criteria

  • Project demonstrates a “mission related need” of the NFCYM’s membership.
  • Project demonstrates a vision related need of the NFCYM:
  • Projects is directed to supporting, resourcing, affirming adult leaders.
  • Project focuses on modeling encounter:  “acompañamiento.”
  • Project focuses on supporting parents and families as the domestic church.
  • Project relates to one of the Core Work functions of the NFCYM.
  • Project is developed based on and integrates the values of the NFCYM.


Stewardship Criteria

  • Project has clear desired results, target audiences, and realistic budget
  • Project identifies the resources needed:  human, financial, and materials.
  • Project has measurable results, achievable milestones, and, where appropriate, collaborators.
  • Project has a beginning and end and/or points of assessment, if ongoing.
  • Project has defined communication and promotional strategies.
  • Project has defined metrics for assessing effectiveness.



To be considered by the Project Management Committee, a proposal must be championed by two NFCYM members and a proposal form must be submitted. Project proposals are reviewed three times a year in alignment with the NFCYM Board of Directors meetings: February, May, and September.

  • For consideration in February, proposals must be submitted by December 1.
  • For consideration in May, proposals must be submitted by March 1.
  • For consideration in September, proposals must be submitted by July 1.

Notification of proposal status will occur within two weeks of the scheduled board meeting.



NFCYM members may submit a project proposal here, on our MemberClicks website. The proposal must include the following details:

  • Name and description of proposed project
  • What is need does the project fulfill and how does it connect to the mission, vision, values, and goals of the NFCYM?
  • At the end of this project how will the field of youth ministry be changed/affected?
  • How will the outcomes be achieved?
  • How will the work be accomplished? (Conference calls, virtual meeting, face-to-face gatherings)
  • Who do you suggest lead the project team?
  • Who are some possible project team members? (Team members should reflect the diversity of the church)
  • What is the proposed timeline for the project?
  • If funds are needed for this project:
    • How much is needed to start?
    • How much is needed to finish?
    • How are the funds to be used? (Be as detailed as possible)
  • Do you anticipate seeking outside funding for this project?

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