Continuing Education in Ministry

“Although the Catholic Church has provided guidance to its followers for nearly 2,000 years, only recently has it made efforts to work directly with youth. Youth ministry is emerging as a viable career path for those interested in merging their faith with their passion for service. Jobs for directors of religious activities and education (including youth ministers) are projected to increase 4 percent by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Catholic Church is no exception. The growing popularity of youth ministry in the Catholic Church is the result of specific goals and reforms brought about by the Church’s desire to further engage young people in the Catholic faith.”

– Catholic Youth Ministry Career Guide, Brescia University

Continuing Education in Ministry Resources








  • Loyola Institute for Ministry Webinars: A collection of ministerial webinars by Loyola University of New Orleans
  • Lifelong Faith Associates: A resource website dedicated to increasing the capacity of leaders and communities to nurture faith growth
  • Faith Formation Learning Exchange: An exchange dedicated to helping leaders in Christian ministry develop lifelong faith formation for all ages and generations that is informed by solid research, effective practices, cutting-edge thinking, and real-world models and tools.
  • Virtual Learning Community – An initiative to offer adult religious education and faith formation to support the church’s professional ministry of religious education and faith formation.
  • Marathon Youth Ministry* – Cohort classes and coaching for those in youth ministry

*Resource is from an NFCYM member organization