The mission of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) is to support and strengthen those who accompany young people as they encounter and follow Jesus Christ.


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Coping with Crisis

Webinars and discussions to address COVID-19

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From Gathered to Virtual: Taking Your Event Online

What are the practical and intentional steps needed to change a program from a gathered event to a virtual one? What virtual platform(s) should be used and why? How will the community/audience respond and be engaged? What unexpected situations should a ministry leader anticipate and prepare for? Join a panel of diocesan youth and young adult ministry leaders from Northern California who have been transforming traditionally sponsored gathered events into virtual ones and find out what they have learned concerning what helps and what hinders a successful online event.

Panel members: Jen Campbell (Diocese of Sacramento), Alex Barraza (Diocese of Sacramento), Rhyan “Bro Rhy” Ramirez (the Inspirational Guy, motivational speaker), Stephen Morris (Diocese of Santa Rosa)
Moderated by: Deacon Kevin Staszkow (Diocese of Sacramento)

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Re-Opening the Parish: A Case Study 

What are the practical and intentional steps needed to prepare a parish for re-opening? How will the community respond? What unexpected situations should a pastoral staff anticipate? Key staff members from St. Anthony of Padua parish in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston have a number of the answers to these questions, and more. In preparation of re-opening on May 2, they created a video for their parishioners to prepare for Mass in the COVID-19 era (view it a: https://vimeo.com/413843353). Find out how re-opening has gone for them over the past month and what bits of wisdom they have to pass along to others who are preparing for celebrating live Masses and restarting parish programming.

Speakers: St. Anthony of Padua, Woodlands, TX staff: Stephen Lenahan – Director of Development and Communications, Michael Gormley – Director of Evangelization, and Barbara Beale – Administration

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Living Faith Amid COVID-10 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a wide range of challenges for parents and youth ministers across parishes. Parents must now balance between work, child care, tutoring, self-care, and living faith. Youth ministers are confronted with one of the challenge of finding ways to lead and accompany the youth to live their faith when church doors are closed. In an effort to support and to journey with parents and youth ministers, NFCYM in collaboration with the VEYM invite you to a webinar with invited guests to discuss best practices and effective ways to overcome this most difficult time. Presentation will be bilingual, Vietnamese and English.

Đại dịch COVID-19 đang là một thách đố cho các bậc phụ huynh cũng như quý anh chị em phụ trách những sinh hoạt giới trẻ tại các giáo xứ. Đối với các bậc phụ huynh, quý vị đang phải đương đầu với việc cân bằng công ăn việc làm, chăm sóc con em, giúp các em làm bài, tự chăm sóc bản thân, và sống đức tin. Với quý anh chị em được ủy thác lo mục vụ giới trẻ, thách đố lớn nhất là làm sao tiếp tục hướng dẫn và đồng hành với các bạn trẻ sống đạo trong giai đoạn này, khi những sinh hoạt tại giáo xứ tạm ngưng.  Trong nổ lực tiếp tay và đồng hành với quý vị, NFCYM và VEYM kính mời quý phụ huynh và quý anh chị em tham dự buổi hội thảo trên mạng với những quan khách được mời, để giúp quý vị vượt qua giai đoạn khó khăn này. Hội thảo sẽ được trình bày bằng song ngữ, Việt và Anh.

Presented by: Rev. FX Bình Nguyễn, SVD, General Chaplain, Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the US; Rev. JB Trí Nguyễn, Vocation Director, Archdiocese of Atlanta, Georgia; Mr. Linh Nguyễn, Chief Academic Officer, Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the US; Dr. Dương Hoàng, President of the National Executive Committee, Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the US

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Being a Faith Companion for Youth While they are at Home

We are called to accompany youth in life and faith.  Young people in our parishes need faith companions in this moment more than ever. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we can accompany youth amidst their confusion and discouragement. We can listen to their questions, witness to faith, and empower them as young disciples.  We will share a vision for accompanying youth at home, along with practical resources for providing each young person with companions who can provide pastoral care and witness to their faith in ways that respond to the new environment of the COVID-19 pandemic.   This webinar will utilize resources developed over the last 18 months of the Accompaniment Project which is provided by NFCYM and the Center for Ministry Development.

Presented by: Tom East, Director of the Center for Ministry Development

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“Keep Calm and Carry On (Social Distancing)”:
Respecting Life by Staying Home

In a short time, our society has been forced to confront many challenges presented by the reality of COVID19. Among other things, we’ve all probably heard the refrain to “stay home.” But it’s not easy. Perhaps you’re really starting to get restless and wonder what difference your sacrifices will make in the short and long term. In this webinar, we will unpack the fascinating medical, spiritual and ethical realities that connect to make everyone’s participation a necessity. Come join us in a facilitated conversation about social distancing as a pro-life practice and learn just how you, your friends and family can continue to be part of the solution!

Panelists: Kristin Collier, M.D., University of Michigan; Scott Boyle, McGrath Institute; Rosalie Hawthorne, Nativity Catholic Church in Indianapolis; Sisters of Life; Jess Keating and Tim Pisacich, University of Notre Dame

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Managing Personal Finances in a Crisis

Whether you’re a parent, a ministry leader, or both, personal finances are likely on your mind. NFCYM has invited Compass Catholic Ministries to share insights in how to help manage personal finances, especially given the constraints many are under during this crisis.

This webinar will cover:
– Financial wellness’s impact on our spiritual health
– Control what you can: creating a crisis budget
– What to do if you can’t pay all your bills
– How to move forward as a faithful financial steward

Presented by Caitlin Kano, Compass Catholic Ministries

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Re-Connecting America’s Loneliest Generation

Today’s young people are more isolated than any previous generation despite being more connected than ever before.  Raised in an era of widespread institutional distrust, they long for meaningful relationships with caring adults as the antidote to pervasive isolation.  The old forms of connecting with young people through programs are no longer effective.  Springtide Research Institute’s national study of 13-25 year-olds confirms that new models are needed.  In this presentation, you’ll see exactly how to create a culture of belonging in your organizations and learn the role you can play in turning the tide on social isolation among young people. 

Presented by Dr. Josh Packard, Springtide Research Institute

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Steps and Strategies for Online Ministry

A webinar designed specifically to assist ministry leaders in strategically thinking through how you can more effectively reach out and engage others along with the steps and practicalities of using online platforms and social media to achieve your desired results during this prolonged time of sheltering in place. Attention will also be given to best practices in maintaining a balanced home and family life in the process.

Presented by Chris Wesley and Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale

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This NFCYM all-access webinar will address some of the key issues, concerns, and opportunities that families face as more and more people are required to shelter in place and work from home for the near future. We will also share some best practices in keeping families healthy, holy, and sane, along with resources and strategies for facing Spring Break and end-of-school scenarios.

Panelists include: Julianne Stanz (Diocese of Green Bay); Christie Smith (Diocese of Greensburg); Rosemarie Banich (Archdiocese of Miami) and Debbie Gonzalez (Diocese of Dallas).

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Celebrating Holy Week at Home

We know this is a difficult time for us to be at home and isolated during the most important liturgical time of the Church. This webinar hopes to help families, and those who accompany them, be able to celebrate and pray these liturgical moments from home. We will talk about practices you can do at home to live out the liturgical moments, how you can pray the Triduum through activities and virtual resources, and we will look at ways to prepare for the Resurrection and be people of hope.

Panelists include: Rita Thiron, Executive Director of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions; Matt Reichert, Director of Outreach and Engagment for GIA; Robert Feduccia, Vice-President of Equipping the Saints
Moderated by: Matthew Beck, NFCYM Board Chair

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Celebrando la Semana Santa en Casa

Durante esta época difícil, no estamos solos. Para poder celebrar la Resurrección, primero tenemos que llevar la cruz. Con este webinar, esperamos ayudar a las familias y a todas aquellas personas que acompañan a los jóvenes a orar y celebrar esta época litúrgica desde sus hogares.
Hablaremos sobre: *actividades que pueden hacer en casa para vivir estos momentos litúrgicos; * Como pueden rezar y meditar el Triduo Pascual por medio de actividades y recursos virtuales; * y por ultimo aprenderemos como prepararnos para la Resurrección del Señor y ser personas de Esperanza.

Los panelistas incluyen: Carmen Arroyo, Arquidiócesis de Chicago, Debbie Gonzales, Parroquia de Santa Anna en Dallas, TX, Ivan Diaz, Cantante y artista de OCP

Moderado por Marthamaria Morales, USCCB

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Be Not Afraid: A Lenten Retreat

“Be Not Afraid” is something more easily sung than done these days, especially by ministry leaders caught in between what is known and what is unknown during this COVID-19 crisis. Join inspirational storyteller, speaker, comedian and musician, Doug Brummel, for this special Lenten webinar retreat to help us pause and reflect on the presence of Christ in our midst during a time of increased anxiety, fear and worry.

Presented by Doug Brummel       Moderated by Cindee Case, Diocese of Youngstown

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Ministry Amidst a Crisis: COVID-19 and Ministering to and with the Young Church and their Families

Presents the current state of the COVID-19 crisis as it’s being realized within our ministry field. Highlights some of the key issues, best practices, policies, and strategies that we are hearing from colleagues at the parish, diocesan, and national levels.

Presenting panel includes: Tom East (Center for Ministry Development), Ela Milewska (Archdiocese of New York), Jamie Kohler (NFCYM Board Member and parish youth ministry leader in the Archdiocese of Seattle), and Moderated by Charlotte McCorquodale (Ministry Training Source).

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Supporting Mental Health in Teens while Physical Distancing (Discussion Series)

It’s hard being a family during this moment of isolation and social distancing. Join our discussion series with Roy Petitfils, Gabriella Silva, and Dr. Young Hoang who will share some best mental health practices for parents and adults at home with teenagers. What are the challenges in this moment? What might you be seeing in your teenagers? What can we do to help your teens and yourself, from a mental health perspective? They will also answer your questions as we try and navigate these realities together.


View Session 1 Recording with Roy Petitfils
Reference take-a-ways from Roy’s discussion: Tips for Managing Cooped Up Teens

View Session 2 Recording with Gabriella Silva
Reference take-a-ways from Gabriella’s discussion: Stress Management Tips

View Session 3 Recording with Dr. Young Hoang


Being Church During the COVID-19 Crisis: A Webinar for Clergy

Webinar specifically aimed at priests, deacons and pastoral administrators to examine key issues, concerns, best practices, and next steps in how Catholic Church leaders can continue to “Be Church” and accompany the faithful amidst the fears and isolation dominating parishioners and families during the COVID-19 crisis. Presented by a panel of priests and deacons from across the U.S., this webinar sponsored by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM).

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Ser iglesia durante la crisis de COVID-19: un Webinar para el clero

Únase a nosotros para este seminario por internet especial dirigido específicamente a sacerdotes, diáconos y administradores pastorales. Estaremos examinando preguntas claves, preocupaciones, mejores prácticas y próximos pasos sobre cómo los líderes de la Iglesia Católica pueden continuar “siendo iglesia” y acompañar a los fieles en medio de los temores y el aislamiento que dominan a feligreses y familias durante la crisis COVID-19. Este webinar será presentado por un panel de sacerdotes y diáconos de todo Estados Unidos y está patrocinado por la Federación Nacional para el Ministerio de la Juventud Católica (NFCYM) es gratuito y está abierto a todos los líderes pastorales.

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El Ministerio durante la crisis de COVID-19: un Webinar para líderes de la Pastoral Hispana

Este seminario web está diseñado para líderes pastorales que sirven a la comunidad católica hispana / latina. Abordará la realidad ministerial y económica actual y cómo está impactando a las familias y la Pastoral Hispana en los Estados Unidos. Los panelistas reflexionarán sobre el papel de la Iglesia doméstica y las pequeñas comunidades de fe en tiempos de crisis y identificarán acciones prácticas y pasos que podemos tomar para continuar alimentando nuestra fe, fortaleciendo nuestras relaciones y mostrando solidaridad con los más vulnerables.

Los panelistas incluyen a Alejandro Aguilera-Titus, Coordinador Nacional del V Encuentro y Director Adjunto de Asuntos Hispanos de la USCCB, Dra. Dora Tobar Directora de Vida Familiar y Ministerio Hispano, Diócesis de Lafayette en Indiana, Rev. Juan Molina, Presidente de la Asociación Nacional de Sacerdotes Hispanos y Vicario Parroquial de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe en San Antonio, TX.

Moderadora: Dra. Patty Jiménez, Coordinadora de Comunicaciones del V Encuentro.

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Acompañando a líderes de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana durante COVID-19

Este webinar presentará el estado actual de la crisis COVID-19 a medida que se realiza dentro de nuestro campo ministerial. Destacaremos algunos de los temas claves, mejores prácticas, reglamentos y estrategias que estamos escuchando de colegas a nivel parroquial, diocesano y nacional.

Presentadores: Mirna Ochoa, Cynthia Psencik, Armando Cervantes, y Norma Garcia

Esta es un colaboracion de LaRED y NFCYM.

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Acompañar, Presencia y Cercanía de Dios

El acompañamiento es una experiencia de encuentro. En este tiempo que está viviendo el mundo, donde podemos ser susceptibles al miedo, la ansiedad, y la incertidumbre, necesitamos darnos un espacio para escucharnos y descubrir la presencia cercana de un Dios que camina junto a su pueblo.

Presentadores: Hermano Diego Diaz, SCJ, B.D, D.Psy, M.Ed C; Hermana María de Jesús Bringas (Marichui), CCVI. BA, MSOD, SD; Marisol Salgado, MA, LPC, Sol Counseling & Healing, PLLC
Moderadora: Mirna Ochoa

Esta es un colaboracion de LaRED y NFCYM.

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