Ryan Bao

Q&A with Ryan Bao, Project Coordinator

Where are you based? 
I work remotely from San Jose, CA (Diocese of San Jose)  

How long have you worked for NFCYM?
This year will be my 4th year working at NFCYM. I was previously an intern. 

Outside of work, what do you like to do?
There was always something about being out in the woods and testing my limits that I was drawn to. Consequently, I love rock  climbing, trail running, and hiking. When I’m not outside, I’m usually at home playing video games with my friends. 



What is something about you that most folks might not know?
According to family legend, my family is a part of a royal dynasty in one of the provinces of Vietnam. I am sure I’m not in the direct line of successors, but never pass up the chance to say that I’m royal.  

What you do at NFCYM?
At NFYCM, I coordinate the strategies and goals of our organization at a more micro level, keeping track of smaller tactics and tasks. I also post job inquiries, update the website, curate resources, highlight our members, and work on the National Dialogue.   

What is the best part about your job – why do you do what you do? 
The best part of my job is working with people who have a similar mission. I am constantly inspired by the staff and our members who push the field of youth ministry forward. I never stop learning about how to do ministry well and how to be a better child of God. 

Why should members connect with you?
I am a Gen Z’er who just began his career as a youth minister at a parish in my home diocese. Feel free to ask me about my generation or what I have discovered starting a new youth ministry. You can also pick my brain about working at NFCYM as a young person.  Also, I love talking about hobbies! 

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