Scholarships and Grants

NCYC 2021 Scholarships and Grants

Information and guidelines

The objective of NFCYM’s scholarship program is to grow and support the mission of NFCYM through offering financial aid through scholarships and grants for national events that: 

 – Serve under-represented communities  

 – Extend economic assistance to those in need 

 – Offer the opportunity for new and diverse attendees to experience an NFCYM event

In the distribution of funds, the NFCYM scholarship team will look for opportunities where the biggest impact will be made in the three scholarship qualifying statements listed above.  

Two Opportunities for Financial Aid for 2021 NCYC

Individual scholarships for registration are offered to youth for both the in-person event in Indianapolis and the virtual NCYC experience. 


In compliance with the current safety and health regulations set by the Indianapolis Convention Center and the city of Indianapolis, the 2021 National Catholic Youth Conference currently expects to cap its in person attendance at 10,000 participants.  In anticipation of a sold-out event tickets exclusively reserved for scholarship have been set aside to be disbursed as scholarships. We have not set a cap or limit on virtual registrations. For 2021 NCYC NFCYM hopes to award 275 scholarships for full or partial registration which includes both the in-person and virtual event  


Qualified individuals who are interested in applying for a scholarship for registration, either in-person or virtual can follow the steps below. Please note NFCYM will not consider applications from individuals who have already purchased their registration for 2021 NCYC.   

Qualified Applicants  

When qualifying applicants for scholarship NFCYM looks to identify, those who: 

  • Serve under-represented communities  
  • Are in economic need 
  • Bring diversity as new attendee 
Timeline for Individual Scholarships

 May 1 – Scholarship applications and guidelines are released 

June 15 – Applications are due  

July 2 – Scholarship decisions will be finalized  

July 14– Scholarship recipients will start to be notified 


Application Process

Step 1 

Complete the Individual NCYC Scholarship digital application by June 15, 2021.  This application will need to be filled out by a young person with the help of a parent, guardian, or ministry leader. (All information collected through this application is kept confidential and handled with discretion). 


Applicants who have already purchased a ticket for NCYC will not be considered for scholarship.  

Apply Here with the Digital Scholarship Application

Step 2  

NFCYM will review application submissions and notify scholarship awardees starting July 14, 2021. An email with instructions on how to redeem your scholarship will be sent by NFCYM via email to the contacts listed on the application. Scholarship awardees will have 15 days to redeem their scholarship 



  • Applicants who did not receive a scholarship may be eligible to join a priority waiting list if another awardee chooses to not accept their scholarship 
  • Any unused registrations that were set aside for scholarship will become available for purchase no later than 30 days before NCYC. 
  • Scholarships that are not redeemed within the allotted 15 window, will be passed along to the next qualified applicant. 

Travel and lodging grants for parishes, schools, and organizations of member dioceses. 


Aid is available for member diocese/delegations in the form of a grant to help offset the cost of travel and lodging for parishes, schools, and organizations Qualified parishes, schools, and organizations in member dioceses who are interested in applying for a grant can follow the steps below in submitting a grant application. In disbursing grants NFCYM looks for areas of greatest impact and anticipates awarding grants between $500 and $2,500 


When qualifying applicants for travel and lodging grants NFCYM looks to identify, those who: 

  • Serve under-represented communities  
  • Are in economic need 
  • Bring diversity as new attendee 
  • Are part of member diocese 


Timeline for Grants 

May 1 Grant applications and guidelines are released (this is for ministry leaders at parishes, schools and organizations only)

June 15 – All grant applications are due to diocese/delegation leaders 

July 2 – Diocesan/delegation Grant Summaries are due to NFCYM (this is for diocesan/delegation leaders only)

July 14– Grant recipients will start to be notified 


Application Process

Step 1 (please note these applications are intended for use by ministry leaders from parishes, organizations, and schools and will be reviewed by their diocese or delegation) 

Ministry leaders from parishes, organizations, and schools are asked to Complete the NCYC Travel and Lodging Grant application by June 15, 2021 and send it to their delegation or diocesan leader. 

*Note: If you are a parish, school, and/or organization who is not associated with a diocese/delegation or your diocese/delegation is not attending this year please reach out to Matt Alpaugh, Director of Mission Advancement at for instructions. 

(All information collected through this application is kept confidential and handled with discretion). 


NCYC Travel and Lodging Grant Digital Fillable PDF  (parishes, schools, and organizations, use this grant application)


Step 2 (please note this step is intended to be completed by diocesan/delegation leaders) 

 Diocesan and delegation leaders will need to review all qualified NCYC Travel and Lodging Grant applications that were submitted to them from parishes, organizations, and schools in their diocese or delegation and complete a Diocesan/Delegation NCYC Grant Summary (digital application) by July 2, 2021.


Diocesan/Delegation NCYC Grant Summary (this is for diocesan/delegation leaders only)


Step 3  

NFCYM will notify diocese/delegations of grant funding starting July 14, 2021. An email with instructions on how to redeem your grant will be sent by NFCYM via email to the contact provided on the submitted application. Grant awardees will have 15 days to redeem their grant. 


 Step 4  

After diocesan/delegation leaders have followed instructions on how to redeem and verify their grant, funding will be mailed directly to that diocesan office for appropriate disbursement.  



  • It is the responsibility of the diocesan/delegation leader to inform parishes, organizations, and schools of their grant funding status. 
  • Diocesan/delegation leaders are responsible for appropriately disbursing funds to the parishes, organizations, and school grant awardees. 
Have questions? Reach out to Matt Alpaugh, Director of Mission Advancement at