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“NFCYM urges us all to bring advocacy and awareness to the importance of doing much more than just carving out a space for the young people in our Church. NFCYM calls all of us to an understanding that youth are an inherent part of ‘the now of God,’ to quote Pope Francis.”

Archbishop Nelson Perez, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

The 2020-21 NFCYM Annual Report


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NFCYM exists to accompany those who accompany young people.

NFCYM supports all who are invested in the young Church with prayers, best practices, articles, and more. Please consider supporting NFCYM to continue equipping the field and impacting the lives of future saints. Join the mission.

Your donation will help empower 15,000 ministers to advocate for young people to be an integral voice within their local faith communities over the next five years.

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