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The vast majority of those who are called to ministry or ordained for service in the church live a committed effort to follow in Christ’s footsteps. It is NFCYM's hope that the publication and integration of these practices and policies into the life of our organization will allow us all to continue to serve as a community of faith, living the love poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. It is NFCYM's expectation that each person who reads these practices and policies will accept personal responsibility for adherence to them. It is our belief that God’s goodness and grace supports this work and those called to service as our partners in ministry.

Safeguarding God's Children:
NFCYM Policies for Protecting Young People

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Behavior Guidelines for the National Catholic Youth Conference

At NCYC, delegation leaders are responsible for the actions of delegation members. Each delegation accepts full responsibility for any damage or theft caused by members of their delegation while attending the conference. All delegation members are to abide by the behavior guidelines and be an example for other participants.

National Catholic Youth Conference Emergency and
Crisis Response Manual

Read the Entire Text of the Third Edition Manual (Updated August 2009) (398KB)

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