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What is the Strong Catholic Families Program?

Strong Catholic Families helps church leaders envision how the Catholic Church can more effectively partner with parents to help bring home the faith. Developed by NFCYM in 2005, the program offers a series of diocesan and parish level training, presentations, online and print resources, and Catholic Parent Revivals. Spanish language training (Fortaleciendo Familias en la Fe) and presentations are also available.

The Strong Catholic Families resources, events, and training options are designed to:

  • Motivate and engage parents to embrace their responsibility for the faith development of their children and grow the domestic church of the home.
  • Motivate and engage parishes/schools to accompany, support and equip parents and families in passing the faith to their children.

Training Events and Resources


The 4.0 revision of the Strong Catholic Families and Fortaleciendo Familias en la Fe sessions have been released. This latest revision brings new and fresh images and research to the parent and leader presentations while maintaining the same effective and localized implementation process. View this webinar highlighting the development of Strong Catholic Families (originally presented in September, 2019).

Our trainings are uniquely designed for either diocesan or parish level events and include the following options and models below…

Diocesan Level Training – utilize a training-of-the-trainers model to help diocesan and parish leaders take ownership of a four-step process designed to lead parishes and schools into a closer partnership with parents to help deepen and animate faith within families. A typical two-day, three-session training unfolds as follows:

  • Session 1: A two-hour parent session that models for parish/school leaders how to engage and partner with parents in the lifelong process of faith formation.
  • Session 2: A morning (three-hour) training in-service for all interested diocesan/parish/school leaders outlining the what and why of partnering with parents to bring home the faith.
  • Session 3: An afternoon (three-hour) Orientation for Presenters to prepare local presenters and the diocesan team to work with parish/school staff teams in using the Strong Catholic Families process and materials in local parishes/schools within the diocese.
  • NOTE: a one-day model is also available with Parent Session 9:00-11:00 am, Parish/School Leader Session 11:00 am-2:00 p.m. (including lunch), and concluding with a Training of Presenters Session from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Take 2” Refresh Training – This discounted training is only available to a diocese that has previously hosted the Diocesan Level Training listed above (in either Spanish or English). The Take 2 training includes all three sessions with an emphasis on preparing the diocesan implementation team. This training is often done after a leadership change or to “kick start” the initiative after a resource revision.

Fortaleciendo Familias en la Fe – The Spanish version of the Strong Catholic Families training described above and adapted to speak to the realities and issues of Hispanic parents and the leaders who minister to and with them.

Clergy/Pastoral Leader Presentations – Engaging two or three-hour presentations offered specifically for pastoral leaders in how to effectively accompany and engage parents and families in the transmission of faith.

Local Parish/School Start-Up Events – a one-day Strong Catholic Families training done onsite at a local parish/school designed to help initiate the process within the local faith community.

Catholic Parent Revivals – a moving and prayerful three-hour revival to affirm, support, and motivate parents/grandparents in their vocation and as leaders of their domestic church.

Cultivating a Home Grown Faith – a six-hour in-service for church leaders providing a blueprint for building a vital partnership between the domestic and universal Church. Also available in Spanish.

Resources for Partnering with Parents – A host of online and downloadable information, activities, and videos for use with parents and families

Strong Catholic Families Facebook Page – Daily posts of helpful information, articles, research, and inspiring stories for parents and the ministry leaders who partner with them.


All SCF Materials remain available to current license holders. DIOCESES wishing to license the program can contact [email protected] to learn how to make it available to their parishes. NFCYM does not send trainers at this time.


Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your specific needs

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Diocese of Austin

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"NFCYM has accompanied me in reaching out to like minded professionals to better provide service (ministry) to adolescents. NFCYM has allowed me to network and grow professionally.

'Youth as Protagonists' has been essential to Pastoral Juvenil Hispana in the Diocese of Austin."

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