Semiannual virtual formation events for ministers at all levels and in all realities—paid or volunteer; team leaders or team members; ministering in a parish, school, diocese, or your own family. 

Secret Sauce:

What Makes It Work

Thursday, October 6, 2022

NFCYM is on a year-long journey to identify the essential elements of youth ministry. To help us in our search we are asking four of our partner organizations to tell us about one element in their model that they believe is key to successful youth ministry! Join NFCYM for an afternoon of sharing, questioning, and discussing what some of the ingredients for the “secret sauce” might be! 

Forming Young Disciples

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Featuring keynote by Kara Powell from Fuller Youth Institute, this event is about ministry in the post-pandemic Church challenges those who accompany youth to look for new ways to engage and form young people as missionary disciples. Not only will this require alternative strategies and outreach to young people and their parents, but our own journeys will demand that we risk exploring some new paradigm-changing models and methods.

Rebuilding Church: Forming Disciples with a Missionary Spirit

Presented: April 28, 2021

Bishop Frank Caggiano will present the keynote on rebuilding a post-pandemic Church, assisted by emcees Anna Johnson and Brian Rhude. Then choose from six breakout sessions about rebuilding and forming disciples from speakers such as Michael and Crystal Marchand (Project YM), Robert Feduccia (EQ Saints), and Jake Mulder (Fuller Youth Institute), and more! 

Gen Z: Protagonists in the Church and World

Presented: January 12, 2021

Featuring keynote by Kristen Ivy from Orange (The reThink Group, Inc.) and youth panelists from NeXt Level, this event is all about Gen Z and how well our current ministry structures and models empower them to be the protagonists and leaders that Pope Francis has invited them to become. Six workshops explored Gen Z relative to ministry, mental health, diversity, parents, technology, and the pandemic.

Moving Ministry Forward

Presented: October 14-22, 2020

Emcees Amanda Vernon and Ali Hoffman led a kick-off session about rediscovering the purpose of our programs, evaluating their effectiveness, and creating a strategy to move ministry forward to impact the lives of young people and their families. Event also featured breakout sessions from Diana Jorda, Sarah Kaczmarek, Rich Curran, Eunice Park and Edmund Mitchell. 

The Accompaniment Symposium

Presented: September 1, 2020

Featuring keynote by Dr. Josh Packard from Springtide Research Institute, this event focused on ways to evangelize through accompaniment. In addition speakers partnered with field practitioners in six workshops to provide practical ways to apply the information presented to day-to-day ministry.