Moving Ministry Forward

Live Kickoff Starts: October 14 at 2 pm ET | 11 am PT

MOMENTUM: Moving Ministry Forward

Join NFCYM for a multi-phase virtual formation opportunity for ministers at all levels and in all realities—paid or volunteer; team leaders or team members; ministering in a parish, school, diocese, or your own family. 

Regardless if you have been in ministry for less than a year or more than 20 yearswe now all share a common experiencenormal is no longer normal. Now is the time chart a new course, or at least turn the sails. This event seeks to help you plant seeds for long term success in your ministry—learn how to draft your ministry blueprint, activate while adjusting accordingly, and empower a new generation of leaders.


Event Format

We are all a bit ‘Zoomed Out’ these days. So, rather than having a day of back-to-back live sessions, we are breaking up the content into multiple phases with a mix of live and on-demand sessions to be held over two weeks. In addition, there is an option to dive deeper into the content over two months with a small group of peers, led by a facilitator to help you apply the content to your ministry. 

Here’s the overall breakdown:


Amanda Vernon

Amanda Vernon is a full-time record artist and author who shares the joy of knowing Christ through testimony and song. She has shared her music and message across the U.S. and abroadShe is the co-author of When God Wrecks Your Romance: Orthodox Faith, Unorthodox Storywith her childhood friend, Fr. Matt Fase, a Holy Cross priest. Her eighth album, Secretos Navideños, debuted in 2018 as Amanda’s first full-length Spanish project. Supported by a growing number of patrons, she releases scripture reflections and songs weekly. Originally from the Midwest, Amanda resides in Phoenix with her husband and their four young children. 

Ali Hoffman

Ali Hoffman has a passion for Jesus, the Catholic Church, her family, donuts, and Chipotle, in that order. She served with NET Ministries and graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota with a degree in Catholic Studies and Family Studies. She moved back home to the GREAT state of Texas where she served until recently as co-youth coordinator at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Carrollton, Texas for 6 years. Ali also does modern calligraphy and digital design full-time.  You can see her work on Instagram at The Oodles of Doodles and her website.

Phase I: Live Kick-Off Session

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
2 PM - 3:30 pm ET | 11 am - 1:30 pm PT

Will be recorded for participants who cannot attend live.

Moving Ministry Forward

There is no longer a “normal” in ministry. No one can do ministry as it’s “always been done.” This isn’t a COVID reality. The pandemic only accelerated what many of us were already facing. Young people and their families are different today and ministry to, with, and for them needs to be different, too. Programs are good, but we need to go back to our WHY.

This event is about rediscovering the purpose of our programs, evaluating their effectiveness, and creating a strategy to move ministry forward to impact the lives of young people and their families.

Through prayer and questions and comments from our live virtual participants emcees Amanda Vernon and Ali Hoffman and panelists Deacon Dean Vernon, Kurt Klement, and Brandon Morel will begin to break open strategies to empower you to successfully construct a healthy, vibrant, and successful ministry that serves the young people of your community.


To view a full biography of all our presenters, click here.

Phase II: Breakout Sessions

on-demand viewing
October 14 - 22, 2020

Recordings will be available beyond Oct. 22, but we recommend watching prior to the processing sessions.

Branding Your Ministry

Presented by: Diana Jorda

Whether or not you thought you needed to brand your ministry, today, more than ever, branding is IDENTITY!

It is not just about having that fancy name or attractive logo, but knowing deeply the very heart of who you are and what your community is about, as fashioned by God. This is the core in which all will flow.

This workshop will introduce topics to help sharpen the mission of your ministry and communicate it effectively to others. Whether you are just starting or you are open to where the Spirit is inviting you to grow, Diana is excited to accompany you on the journey. 

Mobilizing Your Movement

Presented by: Sarah Kaczmarek

You’ve come to the realization the Lord is doing a new thing and you have some new ideas and excitement, but how do you set that into motion? 

We’ve all had the experience of new ideas and visions that never were fully realized. Why?  What was missing, what do we need to move things forward?  

During this session we will look at the spiritual and practical implications of partnering with the Lord in getting things going, and seeing ideas and fresh vision come to fruition in ministry.  

Crafting Your Vision 

Presented by: Rich Curran

It truly is a new day in evangelization. With COVID, the entire way we communicate and interact has changed, not only in ministry, but in every segment of society.

Industry leaders in education, corporate America, and healthcare all agree this change isn’t going away and will forever change the way we learn, work, and live. So what is the path forward for those of us in ministry?

Creating a vision for the future of your ministry requires an honest reading of the signs of the times and navigating within those signs. We will examine the questions you need to consider as the youth ministry COO, the big structural changes you need to consider, and provide the template to draft a new vision for the future with stepbystep guidance of what to include and what needs to be pruned. 

Developing a Discipleship Path

Presented by: Eunice Park

Ministry in this time of pandemic has its challenges. But with some flexibility, creativity, and openness, we can find great opportunity as well, to connect with others in discipleship.

At its core, all discipleship is missionary. And the primary path of mission is witness. Now is a great opportunity to work in novel and creative ways to witness the Gospel life.

Since we cannot be physically live out our witness in action together, we can visually capture our lives and faith practices through digital and virtual means. Come hear some ideas that are working well for gathering and growing discipleship among some young adult communities. 

Don’t PanicPivot 

Presented by: Edmund Mitchell

Unprecedented times require parish ministry to use creative flexibility and collaborationPulling from design strategy “sprints” you’ll learn how to gather a team, quickly (and prayerfully) generate ideas, test them, and move forward in creative ways.


To view biographies of all our presenters, click here.

Phase III: Deep-Dive Processing Sessions

Live Moderated Discussion with presenters
October 20, 21, & 22, 2020

Sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend live.

Phase IV: Cohort Experience
(Optional Add-On)

November 2 - December 14, 2020
Each cohort meets once per week

No sessions the week of Thanksgiving

What to Expect

When you enroll in a MOMENTUM Cohort, you’ll be placed in a group of 6-10 like-minded individuals looking to take their ministry to the next level. Each cohort is lead by an experienced facilitator who will help you process content, collaborate around initiatives, and put practical steps into action for your ministry. Plus, the group is there to help encourage and keep you accountable.

Each cohort will meet six times over the span of seven weeks (taking a break during Thanksgiving). The focus of each session is based on the content from MOMENTUM: Moving Ministry Forward. When you meet, you’ll not only dive deeper into the subject matter, but develop an action plan to implement the content. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to grow your ministry in this ever changing world.

Cost & Enrollment

The cost of joining a cohort is $50, which covers all materials and training (less than $10 per session). If you miss a session we’ll send you a recording and your facilitator will follow up to answer any questions. To enroll, purchase your ticket using the links below. You will receive an email with a form to complete to identify the recurring dates/times that work best for your schedule. 

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Cohort Facilitators

Marie Becker is the project manager at Marathon Youth Ministry. She has been involved in parish family, youth, and communication ministries for more than 20 years. She has two undergrad degrees from Oregon State University, catechist certification from Gonzaga University, and a master of pastoral studies from Loyola University, New Orleans. She has a heart and passion to help families create households of faith, promote ministry to middle schoolers, and support those who serve in parish ministries. Through her work with volunteers, she has also found herself called to mentor young adults. Marie and her husband, Carl, live in Moscow, Idaho, and they have three young adult children.

Christopher Wesley is the author of Rebuilding Youth Ministry (2015) and Rebuilding Confirmation (2017). He began his ministry as the coordinator of middle school youth ministry at Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland, where he later also took on high school youth ministry, confirmation preparation, and young adult ministry. What began as a blog in 2006 has evolved into the youth ministry consulting company, Marathon Youth Ministry, Inc. As a ministry consultant, Chris helps youth workers and parishes reach their goals and grow in their leadership. He is also the full-time director of youth and young adult ministry at St. Joseph Parish in Cockeysville, Maryland. Follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram @chrisrwesley or join the MYM community on Facebook. 

Cindy Anderson is a cohort facilitator at Marathon Youth Ministry. She has more than 20 years experience in youth ministry. She comes from a corporate management background which allows her to focus on building effective teams to better serve our youth. She has a MA in education with a focus on family and child services, a BA in social science with a focus on child/youth development, a certification in Lay Ministry, and a true love for our Catholic faith and helping others. Currently, she is a coordinator of youth ministry, sacraments, and marriage preparation in Boise, Idaho. 

Event Cost & Tickets

Event Only

Member & Non-Member Rates
$ 25-35
  • Kick-Off Live Event
  • Break-Out Sessions
  • Deep-Dive Sessions

Parish/School Pass

Team Rate
$ 99
  • Kick-Off Live Event
  • Break-Out Sessions
  • Deep-Dive Sessions


Combo Pack
$ 75-85
  • Kick-Off Live Event
  • Break-Out Sessions
  • Deep-Dive Sessions
  • Cohort Experience

Cohort Only

$ 50
  • Peer Encouragement
  • Implementation Tools
  • Expert Facilitator

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