First Things in Youth Ministry

Diocesan Cohort Information

Diocesan Registration

A diocese can sponsor its own cohort (or multiple ones) as well as recommend a particular coach. In these cases, a coach’s stipend can be waived or reduced by the coach and applied toward discounting the registration fee so the overall participant cost for those cohorts is lowered. 

For questions about group registration, please contact Michael Theisen at

Diocesan Leader Resources

These resources are provided specifically to assist Diocesan leaders in promoting the First Things in Youth Ministry training program to parishes, pastoral leaders and new hires within your diocese as well as providing an overview of the options in creating Diocesan cohorts led by diocesan leaders or others within your diocese. For more information, contact Michael Theisen.

Program Overview for Diocesan Leaders

Customizeable Flyer

Download the flyer and populate the second (back) page with your specific contact information to promote a local cohort. 

Email Copy

The following copy can be copied and pasted into an email to share with pastoral leaders and new hires in your diocese to invite them to participate in a local First Things in Youth Ministry cohort. We suggest downloading and customizing the flyer and attaching it to your email. 

Dear Leader,


I understand that you have brought on, or will have soon, a new person to lead the youth ministry efforts at your parish. I want to first thank you for your commitment in accompanying young people toward an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ. Having someone designated to lead a team of youth and adults toward a model of ministry to, with, by and for youth is exactly what our bishops have asked of us through Renewing the Vision.


To assist you and your new leader in embracing the comprehensive nature of this empowering vision, I’m excited to share with you a timely new training program developed by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) specifically designed for the new leader called First Things in Youth Ministry, a seven-session online formation program for anyone new to youth ministry. Whether volunteer or paid, this training provides practical direction to guide new leaders through the first critical months of taking on their new leadership role. Think of it as basic training in comprehensive youth ministry.


I urge you to look over the attached program summary and the information on the website where your new leader can also register for the program. With cohort groups beginning throughout the year, your new leader will not have to wait long to begin reaping the benefits that a sound and comprehensive model of youth ministry will yield within your parish community.


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I look forward to working alongside you and your new hire as together we walk this journey of engaging and empowering our young people to live as missionary disciples in the world today.

Spreadsheet Template for Diocesan Cohorts

Download the following template to create a class list.