Catholic Scouting is Youth Ministry

Catholic scouting is a dynamic form of youth ministry, blending spiritual growth with adventure, community, and character development. It fosters an environment where young individuals can explore their faith and personal identity while also learning valuable life skills. Scouting’s emphasis on service, community engagement, and moral decision-making aligns perfectly with the tenets of Catholic teaching, making it an effective tool for nurturing faith. Moreover, scouting often involves active experiences of God’s creation, encouraging a deep respect for nature and the environment, reflecting the Catholic faith’s stewardship teachings. Through Catholic scouting, young people are given opportunities to live as missionary disciples, embodying the values of the Gospel in their daily lives and actions. 

On May 18, 2023, the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) presented a webinar to NFCYM constituents about initiatives and testimonies specifically related to their ministry with BSA/Venturing. You can watch the recording here: 

You can view additional resources from the National Catholic Committee on Scouting here: 

Another organization, the National Catholic Committee on Girl Scouts and Camp Fire (NCCGSCF), is a constitutive member of NFCYM and focuses on the specific domain of Girl Scouts and Camp Fire programs from a Catholic perspective. It provides guidance, resources, and leadership to enhance the spiritual component of these programs within the context of the Catholic faith. This committee assists in the formation of young girls through scouting activities, encouraging them to grow in their faith while developing leadership and service skills. You can learn more here:

Finally, the NFCYM hosts two ministry networks that might be of interest to scouting leaders. The first is a Catholic Scouting Ministry Network which connects ministers and volunteers who serve in all scouting organizations and explores ways to connect scouting experience with discipleship formation. The second ministry network focuses on Catholic Camping and Outdoor Ministries and connects those who work in camps, retreat, and outdoor ministries. You can learn more about ministry networks here: 

If you are not already a member, we invite you to consider joining the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. As a member, you become part of the largest network of Catholic youth ministry leaders in the United States and gain access to a wealth of resources to support your ministry. Learn more at 

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Yazmín Maní Malone

Pastoral Juvenil Hispana Coordinator,
Diocese of Austin

Diocesan Member

"NFCYM has accompanied me in reaching out to like minded professionals to better provide service (ministry) to adolescents. NFCYM has allowed me to network and grow professionally.

'Youth as Protagonists' has been essential to Pastoral Juvenil Hispana in the Diocese of Austin."

Eva P. Delgado

Youth Minister, St. Christopher Church

Associate Member

"The various resources have helped me keep our program exciting and vibrant. NFCYM has provided me with shared information via webinars, workshops, conferences, outreach, and opportunities that are very informative to help make my ministry successful.

NFCYM is an open forum for me to seek material, guidance and support in keeping the youth ministry program successful."